Should you promote your traffic gigs on the forum?


Lately a lot of people that promote traffic gigs open a topic in the “My Gigs” category. Why would they need to promote their gigs on the forum if they now how to drive traffic to websites?


Because they simply don’t :grin:


@armer this is my first time seeing you on the forum and you were actually active memeber. LOL


Maybe they’re promoting their gigs in ‘My Fiver Gigs’ so that other Fiverr sellers can take advantage of their services?


I’m here since day 1. But I wasn’t that active till this month.
Thank you very much for the notice.


Possibly. But I don’t believe so. If they wanted to contact fiverr sellers they would message us “R U Happy? Give me some work?”


Funny thing I haven’t become a regular. Most of this traffic gigs simply don’t work, they will give you auto clicks but they will never convert to actual sales.


You said they were advertising in ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ which anybody can - sorry, you didn’t mention anything about them messaging you.


Yeah, I know but the same guys even send private messages.If they were really that good at driving traffic they wouldn’t use the forum and beg for orders.

@phantompower - Most of the likes, followers. clicks, impressions gigs don’t work.


Maybe we should congratulate them for promoting in the one part of the forum where they are allowed to advertise their gigs! :slight_smile:


Me compltely agree dear sir/madam. :smiley:


No need to call me dear - Lorna will do thanks.


I know! I guess you don’t like a bit of sarcasm. Sorry :slight_smile:


No problem - cheers for now! :slight_smile: