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Shouldn't Fiverr Have a Choice of the Amount we wish to withdraw?


Hello Fiverr!

Is there any way you guys can update to a way we sellers can Choose the Amount of money to Withdraw?

And sellers don’t you guys think this would be a good idea for us!

Comment bellow what you think!


This question appears to be more of a suggestion than a Fiverr FAQ, and has, therefore, been moved to the Suggestion Box.


I think it’s a good idea because I’m not only a seller – I am a buyer too. So there are times I’d like to leave (for example) $20 in my account for ordering gigs and withdraw the rest.


Great Idea.


I agree! This is a great idea.


Good idea.


That would’ve been great.


This was already posted 1.5 years ago.


That would be great indeed. I’ve tought about it many times.
And even a set up amount. If I select 500$, then for each time my value reach 500$ then it would withdraw automatically. If I set to 0 it will not withdraw auto. And I could do a manual withdraw for a manual value.


Agreed But still not implemented. I feel that my money is secured on fiverr so i want keep funds in fiverr account and only withdraw the money i need. So Please fiverr implement this idea so we can withdraw some amount and keep some in fiverr account.