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Shouldn't fiverr start 2 step verification for seller's security


Today, I faced an issue. Someone had withdrawn huge amount from my account and i do not know who that person is. I had not received any notification about payment withdrawal too. I am sure a hacker had done this.

A few days back I had read a comment on Fiverr’s facebook page by a seller that his account had been hacked and deleted by a hacker.

Does it mean Fiverr is getting hacked and sellers accounts and money is not safe?

Have anyone of you faced such things?

Kindly share so that the issue comes in eyes of Fiverr’s security team and they take necessary steps.

Might be they want to activate two step verification like this site . you need your email ID, password, and then OTP on your mobile as sms to get logged in. As your mobile is always with you, your account will be safe too.

The same should be done for password change, account deactivation etc.

Guys share your thoughts.



This doesn’t mean that Fiverr security has failed. If there is a flaw I’m sure they are aware and have disabled it.

My suggestion is to be careful in opening attachments that have been delivered from less than frequent buyers.

Also, make sure that you do not use the same password for your Fiverr and Paypal account.

I LOVE the idea of a mobile security opt in. This should definitely be moved to the suggestion board.

+1 I’m always about more security, even from myself haha.

Did you contact Customer Support? Have you changed all your passwords?

Does anyone else use your computer?

@thusie I agree

@sincere18 now everything is fine but fiverr has to put my account on restrictions and no body could see my gigs, even they were removed from listings and now I am not getting orders that I used to get before things were bad. Now I am struggling for orders.

I am promoting a lot but no benefits.

ANy ideas?

And, also two step verification would really be a good step


Reply to @pinkszzz: I am glad you got you payment hacking things worked out. What actually happened. Did they tell you it wars a hacker?

You mean that you do not come up in searches? I see all your gigs and they are active. You jsut have to work on promoting the gigs on your own outside of FIverr.

But hopefuly you are not just relying on work from fiverr and you do other work in other places. Being a freelancer you always should have lots of places that you work, not just one.