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Shouldn't it be called Sixerr?

I find it a bit disconcerting that Fiverr takes a dollar from the seller AND the buyer. They get charged $6, we get $4.


Yeah, Fiverr charge 20% tax per order. This is because Fiverr is a huge community and they have a lots of people working in it. This is impossible to manage the company without money. So to make Fiverr platform live they charge only 20% tax per order.


It’s ok with me. They deserve it.

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Fiverr is Fiverr, and that is what it will likely always remain. Burger King didn’t change its name when it started offering “chicken fries”. A name is a brand, and a brand has recognition power, regardless of what the owner sells or represents with that brand. Fiverr’s brand is “Fiverr”, and it will likely remain as such for as long as the company exists in this format.


It costs money to keep a huge platform like Fiverr running smoothly so they have to charge a fee!


Think of this way,

Fiverr finds business for you and takes a 20%, while you get to keep 80% and able to do all work at home without the need of driving or meeting with clients.

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It’s their right dear. At-least you can ask them to reduce the fee :slight_smile:

fiverr charge is 20% and its completely ok for me

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