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Shouldn't visible delivery Time be chosen by the seller?

Dear Fiverr suggestion box reader :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be better if the delivery time shown on the gig page would be exactly the one that the seller fills in the duration box when editing the gig?

In my case, 3 weeks ago I had changed one of my gig’s maximum delivery time from 6 to 18 days because a buyer appeared who made me a huge order that couldn’t be done in less than 15 days. So, a week ago, I delivered before the deadline and I immediately changed my delivery time to normal (6 days). Unfortunately, now on my gig’s page it is shown that my average delivery is 8 days. I edited again the gig delivery time to 5 days but nothing changed.

A fellow Fiverr seller in the forum just explained me that the system automatically divided the delivery time. So it seems that this happened because of this rare case.

Since time is indeed a factor that makes many buyers (me too) decide which gig to order, would you please consider letting potential buyers see the real maximum delivery time when the seller will deliver.

Anyway, if a buyer places today a new order, I suppose that the ticking clock will show that I must deliver in maximum 5 days (and not in 8, as it is shown on my page now).

I would love to hear your opinion on the subject

thank you for reading

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If you’re referring to “days on average” that is 100% what you set on your gig for delivery time. However, I have noticed that lately it takes in some cases over 24 hours to update to reflect your new settings. I have a gig that is “23 days on average” but in most cases I deliver it in 10. That doesn’t accurately represent my delivery time but it’s to cover on occasion when I get a sudden burst of random orders. I am not sure what other people have been referring to, but in my case(been here almost 3 years.) I have only ever seen that display my delivery time as set by the gig. I think people are misconstruing it when it takes a while to update in some cases as a “divided” delivery time. If this was the case, I would be very confused especially on gigs I change delivery time with that need to “update” when I didn’t ever really get orders on them. So how would my average delivery time update in those cases? I run some custom SEO packages and my time it takes to deliver on them changes every time as each client is different. However, my “average delivery” never does as seen by the buyer. Also. That is pretty irrelevant if you’re targeting buyers that come directly from search engines. There are people with 100+ orders in queue with a 20+ delivery time. The focus should be on SEO, rather than what potential clients may see as your delivery time.

While I agree that our average delivery times can vary, especially with the examples you’ve given, I don’t see why Fiverr would post the “average” on the gig page. I don’t advocate fudging the numbers but if I deliver a 2-day gig in 1 day and a 29-day gig in 27 days, what use is it to the buyer to see that my average is 14 days? Especially when I set it back to 2 days AFTER completing the gig that would take 29 days?

We are not supposed to deliver empty and cannot adjust our delivery times. We also cannot stop orders from being placed. When a buyer sees a “13-day delivery” time, they are sure to be turned off. I have never delivered a gig late so why not show them the time I set it to, and not some time that has nothing to do with them. (Having 5-days displayed as opposed to 2 because you always run an additional 3 days late is another story).

Hi again :slight_smile:

I just made a test to see what will happen. I delivered a VO in 8 hours (instead of 5 days) and I now am curious to see if the average time on the gig page will change. Let’s see…

The “average” is not actually an average. It is the time you’ve set for maximum delivery.

See two screen shots below. One of my gigs is set to 7 day delivery (and I have exceeded that many times). Other is set to 1 day (and I often deliver within 10 minutes never exceeding 12 hours). Yet my "average remains constant at 7 and 1 day, because that is what I’ve set it at.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Hi and thanks for posting! As I have already written, my delivery time is set to 5 days but the gig page shows average 8 days. That is my “question” :slight_smile:

Reply to @happyspace:

Do you offer Extras? What are they set too?

Reply to @voiceoverwork: extras are set at no extra time. I even have a faster 2 days delivery extra

Reply to @voiceoverwork: I wish that were true VOW. However if your actual average delivery time is equal to or less than the one you state, then the one you state is displayed. So if my average is 4 days and I set it to 6 days, it will show as 6 days. If I set it to 5 days, it will show 5. If I try to set it to 3 days, it WILL show as 4. You cannot seem to go any lower in your display than your actual average.