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Shout out to Jessica in Customer Service

Just want to quickly say, as a seller for several years now on Fiverr, that the Customer Service is fantastic. Jessica who helped me with a few issues was amazing help and so friendly. Really loved her communication. Thank you again Jessica, at the Customer Service, Fiverr.


So, how do I contact customer service? (specifically Jessica)

As far as I know, you can’t really choose your support agent. You’re just assigned to someone. I see @miiila already answered your question about contacting support in another thread, so I’ll just skip that.

Btw, the OP is right about Jessica. I recently opened a ticket and the first guy who replied to me seemed to not have read what I wrote - at all. But when I sent another message, I was assigned to Jessica and she fixed things :raised_hands:


This is a beautiful tribute to a hard working fiverr staff member. It’s so nice to see this instead of all the complaints.

Jessica I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of getting you yet when I contact customer support but if you read this, :+1: You rock!