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Shoved to the Back and Unqualified to promote?

So, I’m a level 2 seller who’s had a fair amount of buyers (reaching my peak two weeks ago when I managed over $1k in sales for Janary / Mid February.

Now I have none (bare two orders that are left over from my peak). Having looked into this, I’ve suddenly found that none of my gigs are promotable anymore (they are unqualified for some reason) and all my gigs are shoved to the back of the search results.

Anyone else experiencing this, or have done? Any results of rectifying this? I’m tempted to take my services elsewhere if I can’t resolve this.

There have been several threads on the topic of gig rotation, but not as many on unusual promotion loss. (Promoted gigs is still a fairly new feature.) There was one thread that mentioned contacting CS, and that their gigs were eligible again for a bit after, but also that they lost it again shortly after that.

If I had to guess, I’d hypothesis that it’s due to the current restructuring Fiverr’s doing to gig categories. But it might also be because of additional conditions being added to Promoted gigs requirements.

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hello! I am facing same problem, did you get it sorted?

So, eventually it kinda sorted itself out? I did reach out to CS and they gave me some bullsh*t copy/paste response.

Unfortunately, it’s happened again to me in the last few days and all my gigs are completely un-promotable. So I can only assume it has something to do with the cancellation ratio, as I had to cancel 2 gigs last week (one for mistaken purchase and the other ordered outside gig requirements).

I also had an order cancelation since buyer couldn’t provide required portal access, but I have been following this topic since last few days and even top rated sellers and facing this issue and those who had no cancelation or anything wrong. Everyone is calling it a bug. Some sellers got it sorted in 10 days some in 30 and for some it took 3 months. hope if it is a bug then it gets sorted we are all worried due to this problem