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Show Buyers Certain Required Fields ONLY WHEN Specific Extras Are Purchased

How about showing some of the required fields in the Instructions Form only when specific gig extras are purchased? Current system causes a lot of confusion on buyers’ end. In my requirements I set up separate reqirements for each gig extra and simply wrote “[FILL THIS FIELD ONLY IF YOU ORDERED THE CORRESPONDING GIG EXTRA]: …” which most buyers seem to simply ignore and fill it in anyway, and expect me to deliver something they did not pay for, then blame me for false advertising… Can’t Fiverr just make some of the fields available only when corresponding gig extras are purchased? A simple “activate this requirement when this extra is purchased:” followed by a simple dropdown menu where I choose the corresponding gig extra would fix the problem!

Also, for the buyers it can be something like “Purchase this extra to activate this feature / requirement field” followed by the gig extra text, with Order button at the end. That would make things much clearer and easier for the buyers, too!


Thank you for posting this! I so wish Fiverr gigs had conditional requirements for the reason you mentioned. It must be so annoying for buyers to have to shift through questions that don’t apply to them and annoying for sellers when buyers respond to questions that dont apply to them.

Honestly, it was so cathartic to read your post. This has annoyed me for such a long time.


I’ve been asking for this ‘feature’ (honestly it should be the default design, not a feature) for over 5 years now, in the forum, via CS & via my success manager, and seeing how nothing has been done to remedy this design problem, I kind of lost hope and don’t think they’ll ever change it :pensive:

So I resigned myself with the situation, and I just go through the constant misunderstandings and confusions almost on a daily basis for over 5 years, banging my head against the desk with every buyer who fills out those extra fields without having ordered them, or who doesn’t fill out those fields even though they ordered them, trying to explain to each one of them the situation, why I will ignore that info, or why I need that info :roll_eyes: :expressionless:

P.S. I can’t count how many buyers got angry while filling the instructions and putting “No, no, NO, NO, I didn’t buy this, God this is taking too long” because apparently on some mobile devices the optional fields are still required :man_facepalming:


I am seeing this over a month later, but I had to respond: THANK YOU. This was a cathartic read. I’ve wanted conditional forms here forever! I would do more business here if that feature was present. Its absence is a project management nightmare.


Absolutely. The lack of this simple and logical feature pisses me off every single day.