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Show buyers review & rating on their profile

A marketplace builds with both, quality buyers & sellers. Personally, I think, both should be given equal value & treatment. A marketplace can’t be successful without sellers also. From few of my past experience on Fiverr I got they are a bit (??) more supportive to buyers rather than sellers.

A recent story:

Couple of weeks ago I got an order worth $5 which was delivered within next 24hrs. Buyer didn’t respond till 3 days and the order was marked as completed automatically as per Fiverr’s rule. After 5-6 days, the seller came via Fiverr message and told that due to some issues she was not able to communicate and liked my work. She wanted a minor revision which she asked. I agreed to do that. But after 14-16 hrs she left me shocked when I saw she has left 1-Star rating, saying very slow seller …

Time zone difference between me and that buyer was almost 24hrs as I’m from India & she is from US. So, being a human being revision will take some time naturally.

I asked Fiverr to refund her back and the whole story and get a reply from customer care after few hours saying “Thank you for contacting us about this. We can cancel this order for you. However, we cannot remove the feedback on the order for you.”


“We take our buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously. It is against our Terms of Service to “solicit the removal of feedback reviews from buyers through mutual cancellations.””

Now the point is, we sellers are nothing? I had over 2000 sales and working on Fiverr since 2013 with overall 5-star rating. For just a mere $5 how can a buyer downgrade our gig where there was no fault from my side I agreed to refund?

I would say, Fiverr should look after sellers situations as well cause we are generating revenue for them. Finally the main issue of this post: when a buyer can check our feedback & rating before order, why Fiverr is not showing reviews, rating, and cancellation ratio etc of a buyer? So that we sellers also be aware of such buyers.


No one wish to see buyers review? :grinning:

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Not really - it wouldn’t make a lot of difference after a buyer orders from us, it’s our experience with them that matters, not that of their previous sellers.

After all, the whole point of Fiverr is that we can’t pick and choose our buyers, where buyers can pick and choose their sellers.


@bigvee . did you get a account warning after that reply from the CS?

But what if buyers had to maintain certain metrics to buy at certain levels. Like if you cancel 50% of your jobs you can’t order more than a $10 gig? Like a limit on a credit card. Some have a $100 limit and some have a $10,000 limit based on their responsibility as a consumer/borrower?

I think Fiverr would lose a great deal of buyers if they did that.

It would be like going to the supermarket and being told you can only buy baked beans, not steak. :wink:

I think they already deal with buyers who cancel what they see as being too many gigs?

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I just wanted to create a topic for this but did not find enough time. I totally agree with you.

I saw similar negative review from who also gave me similar review (asked me extra free work. after I regret gave me low rating.) in other sellers page by chance. So that shows me this is an usual behavior from this buyer.

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No :grinning: friend

agree but if fiverr started to show reviews of buyers then sellers will not accept orders depending on review and its bad for business

man I got a warning for that. I don’t know why I was confused regarding the situation and I clearly mentioned that to the CS rep as well as I never intended to offer the refund just for the good rating but rather it was because as the customer was not satisfied. I got the same email you got and then after that they gave me the account warning. kindly advise

It would be a good feature to have! Have some equality :slight_smile: Buyers are as important as sellers, both should have ratings.

Love it! :joy:

I’d be pissed off… If I’m told I can only buy nasty :peach: baked beans or vienna sausage. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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