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"Show Gig Requirements" drop down gone

Please help, did anyone experience this?

I was working on a order, all was good, finished and decided to move on next order.

But now i can’t see Gig Requirements that were submited by buyer, since it says it was submited. It is simply gone, also on all of my next orders, that were ordered today.

While it is still available on my older orders.

I am experiencing the same. I can’t work on any of my orders! Requirements are completely missing!

Me neither.

I have the same problem, yes. I thought that there is something wrong with my computer.

I am experiencing the same problem… :frowning:

Same here. Just submitted a support request but they say it’ll be 12-18 hours before I can expect a response.

They work on the phone app. Or it least they worked an hour or so ago. Try that. At leas you can see the details and start working on them. :slight_smile:

Buyer uploads aren’t showing up on gigs, either. I’ve had to ask two clients now to re-upload their files for me.

Looks like the requirements are back on the order pages anyway. I had to ask my client to re-send her script via the message function because for some reason her requirement wouldn’t download to my phone either. But it’s good. Job’s done.