Show me your samples: The Sequel!


So what do we think? Haha. I always send my samples through PDF with my copyright insignia on it. However, apparently my PDF was not good enough. First they requested me to write work for them, then they wanted a different document? Or am I just being paranoid now?


Contract, sample, change sample format and send to a proofreader - I’d run away as fast as I could!

Demanding way too much before an order has been placed.


Their proofreader can read it just fine in PDF (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

The entire first message looks like trouble: asking to sign a contract, demanding 150-200 words for free… I don’t think that you’re being paranoid.


They have eyes, they can read a pdf lol


Right?! That’s what I was thinking too! I thought it was rather bizarre.


Jeepers creepers, gotta :smirk: at the ones wanting sellers to jump through hoops. Kinda greedy, too. He/She shamelessly asked you to write 150-200 words “test poem”. LOL I call it B.S, if you do decide to send it in DOC format. He/she will come back with a cheeky response.


I’m trying not to be cynical, but I really think they’re wanting work for nothing - please don’t do any more.


That was the part that sent up the double red flags, because I am pretty sure a proofreader should know how to read a PDF. Haha


Clearly they are asking for a free poem and from reading that message I would cease communicating with them to be on the safe side. Best of luck!


charge them. Tell him/her samples are 5$, the same as a standard gig because of the amount of time it takes you to process


A few days ago I had a client ask me to draw realism-level art of a knight and a Viking as test samples… I wonder how these folks think this stuff is made. I didn’t bother responding.


Make sure that you have top quality samples of artwork posted in your gig gallery (if you are an artist), samples of your voice/video work in a gig video (if you are an actor or video producer), or a sample of your written work as an uploaded .pdf (if you are a writer). Then, when anyone asks to see samples, point them to your gig’s gallery, and tell them, “these are the samples I have available”. If those samples are top quality examples of your work, then they have access to great samples of what you can do for them. If they ask for any other “samples”, politely decline, and let them know, “the only samples I can share at this time, are located in my gig gallery”.

That buyer now knows your limits, knows where your work samples are located, and has everything that they need to assess whether they want to purchase from you.

Enforce your gig limits. A good buyer will understand. Nefarious buyers will know that they cannot take advantage of you… problem solved. :slight_smile:

Or, you can have a prepared sample ready to attach to a message. Repeat the above after you send (attach) the sample to your response to their samples request.

Don’t even bother going beyond your sample limits. Never give your work away for free, no matter how often a buyer asks to see “more samples”. Set limits, and enforce them. Anything else opens you up to being taken advantage of.