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Show me your samples

Sometimes, I get a message from a so-called “Potential Client” seeking samples of my previous works. For content writing, that is fine as I give them links to my blog where some of my articles are published. However, for creative writing, mainly novel and book writing, how can I provide them samples of my previous work when I ghostwrite? Suppose that I send you a book that is already published on Amazon, how will you know if I wrote it or not?
When I tell them that I am a ghostwriter and cannot give samples of my work, I get (as @emmaki says) , RADIO SILENCE.
How do my fellow writers handle this type of clients?


Just ignore them if they go silent.

I had this dude yesterday:

I don’t know what he’s wittering on about after the whole RISK thing either.


Yeah! that’s what I do. Such clients do not even trust the positive reviews on a seller’s profile.

I send samples with a copyright insignia on it with a small blurb basically stating I own and have the rights to the work, and that I show these samples to all potential clients. They are samples that I wrote or created specifically for ghostwriting so if someone did steal them, then thats dumb. I never thought of that either. I don’t write personal samples for people though, that is something I found out the hard way as a new seller last year.


I had to try and say that sentence he wrote out loud to try and understand it… And it still didn’t work.

He probably had a PR distro scam him.

I don’t do PR distro. So, you know.

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Previously, I wrote some articles specifically for showing them to my clients. I guess I have to do the same for short stories as well.

And yet, he fails to differentiate between a writer and a PR distributor. Funny guy.


Ya I mean the little copyright icon is available on Word so I just put it on there with the year I made the sample and it looks pretty official. Haha. It’s a hassle and annoying, but I found that most of my clients are really looking for a sample of my writing merely because they are wanting to see more. Though now that I think about it I am sure I have come across a dumby every now and then who asks for samples then disappears. Ugh. I think I will watermark my work now and only send PDF’s too. Would that help as well?

Maybe it will. But we will always have some buyers who ask for samples and then just disappear from the face of the earth. :expressionless:

One thing I do is point out that the best sample for them to evaluate is a piece of writing that they order from me. After all, how else would you know that the writing was “good” or “not” outside of the context of the entire process.

So I suggest to those folks to order something “small” and if I’m of a mind, I even “guarantee it”.

In some other cases, I do “give samples” in the $5 gig example and address the issue of samples more generally to avoid the “objection” in the first place.

Also consider making a “Customer Service” gig where you “sell samples” and agree to reduce the price of their order by the cost of the samples provided they place an additional order. Make the gig description clear such that if somewhere were to “leave you bad feedback” it reflects poorly on them.

Please note, I had to stop this strategy because fiverr CS has gotten so bad and their TOS regarding feedback so fraught with contradiction and complexity I’m actually wondering if there is a secret TOS.


That’s a really good idea. I also offer refunds if my work does not align with their initial requirements (that they submit at the time of placing the order) But your idea seems more professional, I will try to implement it shortly.

Wait… What? How did we get here?

You don’t have any gigs, therefore it’s impossible for anyone to inbox you or to buy from you.

Also, advertising your services anywhere outside of My Fiverr Gigs is spam.

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Thankyou! I have only been active on the forums for about a week now, is that a common occurrence? How annoying!

Maybe he saw the title of the thread, and thought that he was supposed to show an example of his work here? Apparently he’s a brand new member and still haven’t figured out how Fiverr works.

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