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"Show Online Sellers" filter seems broken


A seller recently had posted that he doesn´t show as online and that only few sellers in his category did.

Same for me, I don´t show as online (never; not sometimes yes, sometimes no but never, every time I checked) when I definitely am, since I started checking because of that post,
and in my subcategory I now can see often just 1, 2 or 3, a maximum of 5-8 gigs showing (often, some of these belong to the same sellers too, so it´s even fewer sellers than gigs) with the “Show Online Sellers” filter.
Right now, only 1 gig/seller (from 746) shows online for my language pair, that seems very improbable, also, well, here I am, online and logged in, and don´t show, so it´s not just improbable but definitely not correct.

If I´d show when I´m online, okay, I´d say maybe there actually, for whatever weird reason are only so few sellers online from the many who exist, but since I´m not and it is really very few compared to some time ago, to me it looks rather possible that others, like me, aren´t showing online either, even though they are.

I´ve sent a ticket to CS already (and yes, I did lots of cache clearings etc. and I checked with anonymous not logged in and different browsers) but thought I´d post here in case some of you want to check for yourselves. Don´t forget that it may take a while after logging in to show as online, so give it half an hour or so before you check and good luck, hope you are showing fine.

Note that I´m talking about the “Show Online Sellers” filter, not about the new “Available Now” beta feature.

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@miiila I just looked at my category and it shows zero online sellers even though I am online.

online sellers

I’m going to notify customer support.


I notified support and they created a technical ticket. I hope they fix it soon.

Two important bugs for me today:

I’m not showing online and
An order did not show the correct amount when the extras were added up.


Yes, that’s a big problem these days and I highlighted this issue last week. In fact, this problem is happening for around 15-20 days. Last week, I talked to CS regarding this issue. 4-5 people from customer support talked to me but no one could resolve this issue even they don’t have any idea about this bug. Eventually, the ticket was closed without solving the problem. :frowning:


No, it really isn’t. Sellers do not need to be online – nor do buyers need to see them online – in order to make sales here on Fiverr.

Fiverr will fix this when they fix this. In the meantime, you’re not losing anything. And don’t tell me you’re losing sales, because you aren’t. You can’t lose something you never had to begin with. :wink:


At first they said my account is fine, though hadn’t closed the ticket and after I sent a screenshot with the filter active and only 3 gigs showing as online, they said they forwarded it to the tech team.
So now they should know about at least 3 categories it happens in and hopefully will solve it soon.
I do think it’s important to make them aware of the issue, though, if they don’t know about it, they can’t work on it.
If the filter had no effect, it probably wouldn’t be there.


I am losing the most important thing anyone can have and that’s “TIME”. When you are staying online for over 12 hours every day and you are not even counted as an online seller, I think, it’s a loss. Yes, it is a loss for me but may not be for you.


No, it really isn’t. Sellers do not need to be online – nor do buyers need to see them online – in order to make sales here on Fiverr.

But they are likely to make more sales and get more enquiries if they are shown as online. Especially if someone wants work done quickly eg. the same day.

I’m also not showing in the “show online sellers” filter, even though I’m “online” (as shown on the Fiverr profile).

MY Online status is not showing my profile and gigs?

I do get more orders when I’m shown as online, but it’s not needed sometimes.

I like to send custom orders and that is easier when they can see I’m online. So this will negatively affect number of orders.


same to me friend… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I was getting 3, 4 order daily but now just 0 or 1 (they are also from previous buyers) so sales are directly effect.


No Solution!! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


any one can slob this problem


No - the only people who can solve this problem are Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:


That would be aiming very high.



same problem. But fiverr not solve yet. also who have “Available Now” feature. He/She show online. But why?


“Available Now” is a feature that is still in beta stage, being tested by Fiverr, and only a certain amount of accounts have it, like other beta features as well.
If you have the feature, you´ll see the icon on your top menu bar on your dashboard; if it´s not there, you don´t have it (yet), and have to wait until it gets rolled out to everyone (if Fiverr decides they are going to).
If you have it, you can turn it on (and off) yourself (if you qualify: Less than 5 active orders + More than 5 orders completed + Low cancellation rate), then you show as “Available Now”. You´ll need to reply within 5 Minutes maximum to any message, even those by regular “old” customers then (else you get blocked from using it for 30 days) and, as the name says, you need to be available to talk about and start a project right away.


While I was online, only one lucky new seller was shown as online.
Almost no reviews…

It would help increase overall sales if this was accurate. Why remove a feature that worked well for increasing fiverr’s sales?

The seller shown as being online has made only 4 $5 sales.

I do a lot better than that when it shows I am online, or I used to.


Yes, that seems to be a really weird bug, I noticed such a few times too.

Right now, I see 6 gigs as online for your category - 5 from the same seller, so just 2 sellers.