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Show online sellers no longer works


I am always online but there is no way I can announce that now that the online option no longer works.

This is not fair. Please let me show as being online.

Please enable the option to show online sellers. How can some sellers have the available now button but someone like me can’t be shown as online ever?

Between that and showing two rows on my gig pages of other seller’s gigs I’m lucky to get one order a day now.

I am used to being awake and online all night for the past five years to take orders but don’t get any any more. I have zero orders in any queue now.

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Is that a bug or Fiverr disabled it intentionally?


I am not sure. I notified customer support and they created a ticket for the technical team but as far as I know it’s that way for everyone.


Mine is working fine.
The only problem is the available now doesn’t show in green when active
Others have complained too


Yes, I am facing the same problem as well.


I can’t use online sellers selection in my own category but I can in other people’s.


You are right. Even I do not see search for Online People option. There are only Available Now and Pro Gigs options.

I think this is not a bug. Fiverr team might close that feature as they are trying Available Now.

Available Now has lots of bugs. They should add again Online section as we punished while using available now feature as something is not our fault.


I do not see the option to search for Online Sellers in search either. I use Chrome.


It’s on the left side column where you search for the level of seller you want

I have that checkbox there as if it is working but it does not show anyone online, or sometimes it shows one or two sellers online, but not me, when I am online.


Yes, I am facing the same problem as well.


The show online sellers feature is definitely wonky not accurate.

An example in the VO category (male & female)

It says:

I highly doubt that number is true. :thinking:


Yes its working for some categories but still not accurate.

there might be some problem … and i think fiver will fix this soon


Bad timing for sure!! I don’t show online either- and I have an open ticket with CS as well.


Yes I see only one seller online which is highly doubtful. It is bug and fiverr should resolve it ASAP.


Looks like it’s broken for every seller in your section:

25 PM

Despite there being both “Available Now” sellers and online sellers in your category, the “Show Online Sellers” box isn’t clickable (not for me, anyway). Seems to work fine in other sections.

I also went to your profile page and it shows you’re “Online” so maybe it’s just a search bug they need to sort out.


yeah, it’s not showing me either :smiley: Well damn .


I’m not seeing the option either. I used to see it by default, a green dot next to a gig in search results. But nothing of the sort anymore :thinking: Such a nice feature to have.


Same, I searched for whiteboard sellers online, results: 5 (4 available now - 1 online) my gig didn’t show up either.


I wonder if it is deliberately disabled. But if so, why do at least one or two lucky sellers in my category show as being online, even though I don’t?


Also noticed that people with the available now feature have higher chance to be on the online section if they are.
That’s a loss of advantage that i have, since I’m always online and i just don’t wanna clear my old 2013 active orders.