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Show order completion date and time in my locale in addition to remaining days, hours and minutes

Please don’t make me do time-math :slight_smile:
It’s nice to see the countdown, but I’d also like a date and time shown (in my locale please) when it’s due as well. As an added bonus, it’d be awesome if those due dates were published as calendar events such that I could add them to my google calendar too!

Have you downloaded the Fiverr app? On Android you’re able to add projects to your schedule!

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isnt count down more effective and communicative?

Well no, or I wouldn’t be asking for additional views of the data.

If it’s less than a few hours, I like the countdown. When someone orders something in the middle of the night (my time) for a 3 day delivery, no.

A day into it, it’ll say I’ve got two days, so many hours and minutes, but that’s deceiving. I really only have 1 day for all practal purposes because the final several hours are going to be when I’m sleeping but if that’s the case it’s not immediately obvious looking at a countdown. If instead it showed tomorrow at 3am, then i know that actually i have to finish it today before i go to bed, make sense?

So instead I find myself doing math in my head to figure out the date and approximate time the countdown is going to run out all the time… it’s annoying.