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Why didn’t show buyer rating?? I’m curious to know.

For a brief moment they were shown, but then they were disabled again. I’m not sure why they’re not turned on, but I imagine it something to do with $$$ (they have the data we don’t, after all). I think they should have reviews–it would make our reviews much more valuable, as they would help other sellers to see if a buyer is a PITA or someone great to work with. You won’t have any real answers to your question, because nobody really knows!

What if instead of buyer ratings sellers could block buyers and everyone could see how many times a buyer has been blocked.
Emmaki is right, no one knows.

I for one would write real reviews if I knew they’d be helpful to someone (right now I do “thanks!” or variations). My only lengthy reviews are usually out of irritation.

+1 to this. I hope they start showing the buyer ratings again at some point in the future. The good ones will get a boost and the bad ones can be filtered.

I don’t have whatever it takes to write a bad review. I had a bad experience with a seller but decided to let it go.