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Show the gig in first page of Fiverr search


Hi I am Firoz Alam. Please let me know how do i show my gig in the first page of Fiverr search.
Thanking you.
Firoz Alam


This is usually done automatically through the fiverr system itself. It’s easy to say that there are a few conditions which you must apply before they show your gig on the first page. If you’re having problems understanding, It’s better if you go through the fiverr Academy. A great tool.


Gigs that are shown on the first page of Fiverr’s search results have usually earned that spot by building a desirable reputation, delivering orders, earning positive reviews and being targeted toward the person conducting that search.


it’s not that simple, Lucky + Hardworkers get their spots there… I am both and have one of my GIG on first page, but it took me year of great service to earn the spot…


Fiverr is a market place, its always changing, so its difficult to stay on the first page always.
But i think
Lower cancellation
Fast response
No Late delivery
and positive reviews

will help you to stay on first page


Not entirely. You can apply for the PRO feature as a newbie and yet be on the top ten list. If you look at the bottom list of the first page, you’ll see that even new sellers with just 2-3 reviews are been put on the list.


Friend ,
Use most right Search tags for your gigs


There are 3 things

  1. Positive review with low cancelation…
  2. High volumn earning 30 days minimum 1K
  3. Number of Tips you get.



Hi thanks for your valuable speech. However, I couldn’t understand clearly about PRO. Could you explain the process clearly? Thanking you.


I would like to explain it myself but this would help you better understand the PRO feature


Use high ranking keyword on your GIG title and tag. Write SEO friendly description.