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Show us your workspace -2017 edition!


Hello fellow doers! :slight_smile:

I think it was @ozzieuk who first created a topic like this back in 2014.

So while it’s not an original idea, I do think it’s one worth revisiting!

So let’s use this thread to post a photo of where we spend most of our time on a daily basis:

our workspace! :slight_smile:

Show us where you close those deals, come up with your ideas and deliver those orders!

Here’s mine to kick things off:

May 1st Poll - Where you work
What is your favorite Forum Topic?

I mean, I would - if my workspace actually looked anything nearly as neat as all that. Hell, a lot of the time I’m working off my terrible laptop wherever I might end up for the day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes! I like these threads. I was quite disappointed to see that old one lost all its images.





Don’t worry about it, my desk is only that neat once a week for about 1 hour, right after I’m done cleaning my studio. :slight_smile:


Once a week?! It’s more like once a year for me…


Once I get my 1,000,000,1 customer I will post a fiverr story on how I upgraded this workstation!


My desk is tidy, but I´m paranoid privacy conscious, so I can´t show you. :eyes:


And to continue the series of grown up men with toys on their desk…


cool! Where are those dice from???

I have a similar set from the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas!


[details=those dice]

Yup, from Las Vegas. There’s one more somewhere. I’ve had those since I was 10 (I think… From a trailer trip through The States’ SW) . Make for great boading balls. And annoy the shit out of anyone you share the office space with :slight_smile:


hahaha! Yeap!

I have mine since I got married. Just a reminder of how I rolled the dice. :wink:

And I actually won $700 on the casino floor that day, so, you know. Lucky charm and what not. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this nice Topic!
Here is my workspace. I m in a process od building… :slight_smile:


looks great! love that mechanical keyboard! :slight_smile:


Here’s mine! It’s a cross between a work space and my gaming battlestation. The desk is a little bit too small so I’m missing a few things that I’d love to have closer but I’m pretty happy with it.

Plus Benji the biology skeleton lives next to it and who doesn’t love a skeleton on a stick?



You guys just wait until I clean a bit… Oh if you don’t mind me asking, what AE plugins do you use? I want to buy some (I am getting into some AE stuff for fun), right now I think I probably could use the trapcode suite and element 3d but they are a bit expensive. If you don’t want to tell me that is fine. I respect your opinion.


My AE has gotten extremely dusty in recent time (years) but Trapcode is pretty much essential, especially for fun

Also, I have screen envy now.


Yeah… Just wait, I have triple monitors just on my main PC…
Oh and trapcode
wa wa wa waaaaa (and yes I do qualify for the academic version)


@landongrace that is so professional workspace! :astonished: