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Show us your workspace (2018 edition)

There have been a few posts covering this topic and I thought it could use a fresh one for this darn hot and rainy at the same time summer.

I just finished a nice, clean and minimal setup of my workspace and I just wanted to brag :rofl:

It needs better cable management and I’m thinking of getting rid of my PC and connect my Macbook to my dual 27" monitors.

Anyway, show us what your workspace looks like and what you want it to be (maybe?)

EDIT: For anyone wondering about the books (HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett, A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin and Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance)


Looks nice and clean! I like it :smiley:

Here is mine though, I am thinking about adding a 4k TV above because some of my work require 4k content but still not sure…



I’m nosey what’s in the bag on the bottom right? :smile:

Wow, it’s nice to see dudes with neat & tidy spaces. :clap:t4:

Very nice, guys! :sunglasses:

@neromare I love the lamp!


My workspace is a mouse, a keyboard and a CPU, lol


My workspace is only a Laptop. :grinning:


Why two towers though, do you use both of them? Try placing the TV on the wall above, and the monitors as well. That would look sick!


Loving the Razer green. Arrange the icons better, lol and maybe better cable management? Did you check out Sony E3? :sob:


Lol, left over stuff and cables I don’t need. Below those are the boxes of the electronics I buy. I like to keep them. :slight_smile:

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No other components? :joy:

@sabajamaldin Portable is best, hopefully the battery lasts.

Oh, ok! :grin:

I really :heart: dig the curved dual monitors. What’s the estimated cost?

The whole setup? Around $4k. I plan to ditch the PC and just hook up my Macbook pro with the monitors. Just waiting on some Thunderbolt cables.

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Not too shabby, the pic just looks like it was ripped out of a magazine or something. :sunglasses:
You’ve got good taste! :wink:

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Thank you! That’s what happens you spend most of your time on Pinterest looking for inspirations. Will post an update soon with the new stuff and better quality picture. By the way, all this was done from Fiverr earnings.

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@neromare Damn man, chill out! I just asked. Having a neat and tidy place to work on doesn’t have to take a lot of minutes/hours same as games do?

I have to say my workspace looks pretty much the same.
The desk, laptop, that’s it.

I think the only thing that changes from time to time is the bag of
snacks sitting next to the P.
And oh, my cat takes turns walking on the keyboard.


yes. My laptop battery timing is good :slightly_smiling_face:

What an excellent way to instill confidence in your business. Announce online that you are incredibly low effort and messy.

There’s no “how do I mek-sell” with @ssj1236. Just a crawl through the used laundry tunnel each morning to the litter box, before logging on to Fiverr to see how may projects demand a tenth of his attention today. - Well done you for sticking to your cool guns. :sunglasses:


My workspace is only one laptop :grinning: how poor I’m lol :stuck_out_tongue:

How exactly do you work? By putting a saddle on your PC tower?

Where on Earth is the leg room?