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I don’t know why, but when I check my Fiverr stats it shows me that. I’m certain that I have gotten clicks, let alone views. Is there a fix for this?

When I check your account it says “No longer available”.


oh my bad, It’s because I deactivated it to switch accounts. I just realized, thanks.

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I certainly hope you don’t have more than one account. Multiple accounts are against the rules.

Nope, you can tell I don’t because my account isn’t avaliable. I asked customer support to switch accounts because of usernames and they told me what to do.

Yet, you are still interacting on these forums using your old account. This indicates that your old account is still being actively used (even if just here on the forums).

Lol, I realized that a while ago too and I’ve been finding ways to change this forum account to the new one I have with this email. Do you know how I can?

Each account accesses the forum individually, so to interact on this forum under the new account – the only Fiverr account you should be using (according to the rules), you will have to sign into the forum using your new account.

I logged out and signed in. Does my account work now?

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Yes. I see the new account. It has replaced your old one attached to each message.

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