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Showing account offline

Hello fiverr ! i’m facing a problem, my account is showing me offline. like i login my account from laptop and its showing me offline, i refresh page a lot of time but still my account is showing offline but when i open with fiverr app(mobile). it start showing me online from mobile and from browser(laptop) too. and when i close the fiverr app(mobile). then it start showing me offline from browser(laptop) please help me and fix this problem.

I am also having that problem. i thought i am the only one with this issue…anyone can guide us about that?

Same problem here !

I’m also facing this problem… Help please…

Me too

Same problem with me also.

I am face also this problem.

Same here …i think we have to ask CS…i also have same problem once and CS resolved it.

What is CS?

Customer Service :wink:

Seems this is a fiverr thing =/

my issue is solved now ! are you still facing this issue ?

i asked him ! and now my issue is solved

here is the solution!
To avoid this issue in the future, make sure that you are logged in to both your pc and app and your online status is set to “show online” for both. If you are seeing your status shown as ‘offline,’ try logging out, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, restarting your browser, and logging back in.
Kind regards