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Showing country flag is discriminating!

Offers I get are partially ridiculous high and almost all overpriced! Recently had contact with seller with over 80 100%satisfied costumers yet, he want to have more money as initial offered… It’s discriminating I can not get any fair offers!! Please offer some possibility hide the origin disclosure (Country FLAG)! Thank you in advance…

I don’t think this is a good idea. Sellers are entitled to know a little about you as a buyer, and quite often, nation of origin is a fair bit of inobtrusive information to know.

I guess you should have used your native Slovenian flag then. Why are you complaining about your origin disclosure when you don’t even originate from your current place of residence? This makes no sense, you’re just annoyed because your offers are expensive or something.

Plus it also shows that Fiverr is a diverse marketplace.

It’s useful to plan for shipping. I also look at it to avoid wasting people’s time - some things are just country-specific. Some Gigs can be affected by the buyer’s and seller’s home country if they involve rules that vary from country to country as well. It’s not discriminating, it’s helpful. People might use it to discriminate, but that’s the fault of the people who are doing it.