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Showing Demo of work before taking order

Hey guys, I want to know that is it a good approach of showing the buyer a demo of the work that I’ll be delivering to him so that he may give me the order.
Here is the case:
Buyer message me that he wants a list of hair salons and then I reply him that sure I can get it done for you.
After this he have not replayed me yet so I am thinking of showing him a small list as a demo so that he may give me the order.
PS: I am a newbie and getting hard time in getting orders
Thank you in advance

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You can send him demo files because I know if you share any external links it will break fiverr Terms and Services.


Fiverr strongly advises sellers never to do any work until the order is placed.

It’s not forbidden to send that potential buyer a small list, but there’s zero guarantee that they will order from you after that, plus you’d be doing some of the work for free.


Thank you for your advice, really appreciate it

Yes very appropriate and should follow it .