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Showing Gigs in First page

What is the good process to showing Gigs in First page 1 to 10 seller

No one can really answer that. There are some factors that sometimes matter, like your level/badge, how new or old your gig is, price, number and quality of reviews, conversions, how the buyer searched (keyword vs. filters), sometimes the buyer’s region, and so on. Fiverr changes the way these things affect gigs on a regular basis, so even if you did find a surefire method, it might be useless next week. Fiverr does not tell anyone how they decide what to do on a given day.

Your best bet is to make sure that the keywords in your titles and tags are relevant to how a buyer might search for you and if it’s kind of unique, that’s great! I used to be the only person who showed up if you searched for “sloth” although that changed later. The rest of it is kind of a guess and when you mess with your gigs, they drop out of search for awhile, so doing it often is a bad idea.

Finally, if you sell something that Fiverr doesn’t really want to emphasize, they will take your gig out of search for that too. They don’t tell you when that happens unless they decide to completely deny your gig. You can search the forum for the term “editorial focus” to see how gigs are often affected by this process.

Note: One thing is for certain - if you have no gigs, you won’t show up in search. :slight_smile:


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