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Showing incorrect $USD on Level Progression Section

My “net income” and “Earning” number on the NEXT LEVEL REQUIREMENT SECTION is not showing the same USD... "Earning" on Next level requirements section showing 8 less than my “Net income”… I am a new seller… I am sure that My Net income is correct… after completing last order, it shows correctly for 3/4 hours… but a day after that day, “Earning” number showing 8$ less… I think It’s a BUG…

I have completed ALL ORDERS successfully… Order Completion Rate 100%… I did not get any warning email or notification…

What’s the problem?? does anyone face this type of problem…??? Please HELP! What should I do…???

Have you contacted Fiverr Support and asked for clarification on your concerns?


I’m sure it’s not a big issue and should show correctly soon, but if it persists contact support and they would help you out.

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Thank you Jonbaas… I am going to inform them…