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Showing latest Work

At the risk of doing something wrong (or starting a trend of people dumping their music here), I thought perhaps a thread where we briefly present our latest work might be nice?
(one thread not many)

Assuming this is ok (and delete if not):
I just made this whilst playing with some sounds. I was making yet another synth string sound and had this idea that I then decided I would variation out into a piece like those that traditionally were at the end of the movie as the credits start to roll. Those pieces would tend to be grand and replay one or more of the themes from the main score. After watching U-571 I decided “Men In Boats” was a better tongue-in-cheek name than “Strung Out” (strings bom tsk). Sadly the program I use for quick scenes didn’t have Battleships.

What you hear are pure synth sounds made in the track combined with a sample from one of a couple of orchestral sets I have. The exception being drums (which I probably would synthesize if it were for an album) and the flute & male choir (both of which are very quiet) which are only synthesis. Synth + Sample makes for a much nicer sound overall than just the sample libraries pretending to be “real” (no good comes of reality anyway).



According to the main forum rules, no. But I’ve noticed the “Fiverr Music & Audio” seems to permit a bit more, (as long as posts stay on-topic and are not blatant zero-content spam), due to the very nature of necessity in communicating via examples.


Me too!

This was intentionally ‘random’ for the notes and beat pattern, to reflect the unstructured playfulness of both snowfall and children. (Works for other nature/animal stuff too, in it’s simplicity.) It’s fine as-is for it’s purpose, but if I ever add another instrument layer, an occasional oboe or clarinet flourish could integrate nicely. And maybe a marimba for an occasional percussion emphasis.


Ok. Me too :yum: . Here is my last meditation music track with psychedelic video on Odysee (alternative to Youtube )


Most of my work recently hasn’t exactly been sexy. Podcasts on pandemic quarantine failures and military war crimes don’t make for great headlines - even if they are very interesting.

I just did a Radio mix for a private client and at what should have been the end, the song was not finished with me. There was a clear tapping inside my head with this song wanting out in a different way from the main mix. A remix! I was done early but none of my next jobs were paid yet so I let it out.

This is not a thing I do much of as it is not really my forte - all that being funky and stuff. But this just fell out as the song really wanted to be in this form as well as the official Radio Mix.


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Just finished this! (Nostalgia time for all you NES gamers!)

Oh those sounds :face_with_head_bandage:

The piano even seems out of tune at times from the nastiness of the sounds. Once you have this, can’t you export the MIDI to somewhere with nicer sounds?

Sorry, you want me to like the piece but it is hard to hear past those sounds. Let me go again…

I have never been a console fella so don’t know the reference or donor track. The other issue you have with these programs is that they play the music literally when it is not meant to be played that way so it sounds like it is falling over rather than swinging or grooving. Not your fault but something to overcome. Sorry still struggling.

It seems that the notes are all in reasonable places and the arrangement probably makes sense but the performance is undoing everything.

Maybe I should not have said anything and maybe I am holding this to a standard you don’t intend it to aspire to. If so please, I did mean well and I hope the next person gets it better than I do.


Heh, a very reasonable assessment. MuseScore is good for sheet music, not necessarily for playback. But it’s late for me, so I can play with with a better export later. I’m just happy to have finished.

Here’s the original tune:

I thought it was MuseScore. Used it once - which was more than enough for me.

Those old Z-80-type scores were very clever a lot of the time. So many compromises made for some unique results.

You know I have a Gig for this very sort of thing. If this is not for a Gig of your own, maybe have a chat…


Nice thread and nice music! Here’s my last work, a 5 track RnB/Soul EP I’ve been making since August of 2020, it started as a single and ended up as my best music so far (in my opinion at least haha)

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