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Showing Less buyer Request

Hello fiverr community, I am new here and need some help.
I can see only few buyer request in my list like 20-25 request max and right now its only 5.
I have completed a order successfully and have 3 gigs.
Please help to let me know how can I view many requests where I can bid my suitable works.

Thank you

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Create new gigs in different categories.

How many sub-categories are shown in your buyer request section?


Hi Shimanta,

In what category you’re working?

Buyer requests, now “Send Quotes” section shows the number of custom requests potential buyer posts for Fiverr Sellers to bid - and definitely can vary depending on your market/sub-niche.

I would highly suggest you to create more GIGs in your relevant niche. Your course of action should be getting regular orders from your Fiverr GIGs rather than depending on the buyer requests section.

Best of luck with your Fiverr journey. :slight_smile:

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