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Showing Level Badge In Gig Image

Hey guys, can i show my level badge in gig images? i just promoted to level 2 seller and want to show level 2 badge in my gig images, kindly let me know.

Thank you

Hi, @technicalwtr

No, you cannot.


Yes, you can (technically speaking, it’s not impossible).

But a more important question, imo, is: Should you do it?

And the answer to that question is: No, you shouldn’t… because Fiverr doesn’t allow it. :wink:

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and what about using FIVERR logo? i have seen some using fiverr logo in gig images

Please DO NOT go by what you see in some gigs. Gigs that do not follow Fiverr’s rules will sooner than later get removed from Fiverr.

Just because there are gigs that offer things that are against the ToS (such as review writing gigs) doesn’t mean others are allowed to create such gigs. It is like saying, “Hey! There are some people who rob banks. I will too!”

You are not allowed to use the level badge or the Fiverr logo in your gigs’ images.

Good luck!

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okay thank you :slight_smile: i was about to add but now i wont

I think you are actually encouraged to use the Fiverr logo in your images - it says when you’re creating a gig that it’s good to say “Exclusively on Fiverr on your gig profile.” The fiverr logo is in my gig video. Where does it say you cannot use it in your gig?

First-hand experience: I was asked to edit my gig’s image because I used Fiverr’s logo in my primary image. This happened like more than a year ago (back when the rules were a little more lax). :wink:

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can i mention inside my gig desc? like “welcome to fiverr level 2 seller’s gig” or something like that? or even that is not allowed?

Let me put it this way:

Fiverr DOESN’T ALLOW you to mention your seller level anywhere because it is not a permanent thing as it is something that can constantly keep changing from one month to another (sometimes even overnight if you received a ToS warning or w.e).

I know that you’re VERY excited right now because you have been promoted to level 2 (and rightfully so), but please do not act on your urge to mention your seller level in your gig images or descriptions as it’s not allowed; I’d hate to see Fiverr take action that might negatively impact your gigs/account.

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You can check this article:

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