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Showing offline status [RESOLVED]


After new update fiverr my status showing offline , and as per buyer he buy the gig and i can’t see it still is there any problem or i had done something wrong ?


hey, I was just creating a new topic about the same issue.


was wondering am I the only one who have that issue, obviously not.
does anyone have any clue.


Nope I am having this issue as well…why is my status looking offline here as well??



i was worried why like that ,now im not coz many of have same problem :D, so hope they will fix it soon


same here. I can keep my status online through Fiverr iOS app but the website shows “offline” since the server update yesterday.


I’m also showing up as offline…


i’m also showing offline.


Same here! :frowning:


Offline :frowning:


I was about to ask the same question. Obviously I am not the only one…


It seems there are a lot of us who appear offline since the update.

I’m dealing with this problem since a month now, why are they not doing anything about it?


Smh these bugs, even I am not online as well.


This issue has been resolved now. Sigh of relief…


yeah i think its fixed now for permanently


i’m also offline :frowning:


The problem is solved now. I was also offline.


I am also showing up as offline


i am also showing offline


i am also showing offline