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Showing over 2000+ old buyer requests

i can see over 2000 buyer requests but those are old requests .i can not see updated buyer requests?any solution guys?

Patience is required. Neither you, nor the rest of us, can control Buyer Requests. If new requests are posted that you can respond to, then go ahead and do so. If no new requests are posted, then maybe it’s time to start thinking of other ways to bring in new buyers – like promoting your services elsewhere, wherever your target customers are located.

Contrary to new seller popular belief, the Buyer Requests section is not going to make you successful – certainly not long-term. Buyer Requests is a stopgap at best. It is not a substitute for traditional marketing and promotion, nor is is a steady source of sales.

Success requires hard work. What work are you doing to promote success?

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My Account Also Display 2000 Buyer Requset. But I’m Recived New Buyer Request EveryDay.:slight_smile:

Can you tell me please , Which time you receive New Buyer Request ?


Every time update buyer request .
So check it


Thanks I will check constantly buyer request.

You can always try refreshing your page. Sometimes that works.

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Thank you so much… @bobshaw23

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I am also facing 2000+ old buyer request issue. Please help me

Please don’t dig up old posts.

If you weren’t able to see buyer requests, and now you can, because of a promotion to Level 1 seller, you are likely seeing old requests because they are still available, and you can now respond to them. Over time, new orders will start to show up on your BR list as Fiverr approves them. Please be patient. Things do not happen immediately.