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Showing sellers review on buyers profile



Do you agree with me fiverr should open the buyers review option in their profile so that a seller can see the previous sellers review which will definitely give a seller a good idea about buyers nature.

Need expert opinion.


You should have created a Poll instead of post a topic in Fiverr gig option


I don’t think it makes that much of a difference whether it’s a poll or not. Sounds like it would make for a pretty cut and dry poll with only two options.

Don’t we all, eh_nayeem. Don’t we all.


Agreed…! But everyone should know that the topic need to post on relevant category to get relevant replies.


It is relevant though. It’s a suggestion for the website, which goes under Fiverr Site.


:joy: writer changed it after my reply. It was first My Fiverr experience>my Fiverr gigs

That’s why I replied to change it


Incorrect! I moved the post to the correct category. Carry on. :icecream:


May be you. But it was irrelevant category when it was first posted. Isn’t it?


Why are you making this such a huge deal?! The OP did, in fact, create the post in the wrong category. I fixed it. Problem solved. Again, carry on. :pineapple:


It seems like we are arguing with each other without discussing the topic.


Maybe everyone was too intimidated by the demand for expert opinion.



It has been suggested a million times, but it has never been implemented. Not that it would even matter if it was implemented. Or how would it help a seller?


Let me give you a simple trick to check the previous reviews of your buyer gave to the other seller.

Just type on Google.

reviewed by “Your buyer username”

Just replace the the commas text with you buyer name,



That is a good suggestion. Just like buyer can see the old work of seller by just reviewing the old reviews. seller can see the pattern of Buyer and i think it will be helpful.


Wow! It works. Thanks man.


How would you be sure that the reviews would be unbiased? Usually, all of us “the sellers”, leave the same star rating that the buyers left to us. In my opinion, it would be only possible, if we weren’t able to see the review until we rate the buyer.


Sure, that would make this site more competitive within the freelance marketplaces. Within Fiverr’s community, that would pretty fair for sellers.


There are tons of idiots out there. I am not sure why fiverr doesn’t allow for sellers to give ratings to buyers. And the “funniest” part is that if they don’t know what they when they are ordering something and they reject your order and demand for something more than what you talked about if you decide to cancel you as a seller are the one who is going to be affected (your further down the line in your listing and so on, loss of revenue.) but nothing happens to the buyer… it’s unbelievably one sided.