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Showing some type of HTML coding in Earning tab


##Hi there,

Today, Fiverr site was closed due to Imperative Maintenance Activity but now it’s working again. As I was searching the whole site to check if it was external maintenance activity or internal programmer side, Suddenly, I clicked on selling tab and then earnings, What I saw there’s a bug. Pending and clearing funds are showing some type of HTML coding against there. Please see the screenshot.

Thanks & Regards,

Error in Earning Tab
Error in Earning Tab

I’m seeing that too - made me go ‘woah - what’s that?’

I guess we’ll have another maintenance scheduled soon? :slight_smile:


Nope, I hope it will be fixed soon once Fiverr team knows about it. This is some type of semicolon missing on the programming side.


I’ll take your word for that! :slight_smile:


:rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes:

It’s just guess. :thinking:


I have that too. It looks like they tried to make a clickable link to take us directly to the order page for each order in earnings.


Let’s see, Wait for the Fiverr team.


Unfortunately they put in a ’ instead of a " in the code. That’s why the clickable link they tried to make doesn’t work.

I wonder if I should try to notify them of this?


Why not? It might give them a rest from the other stuff they have to deal with - a real, tangible problem they can solve! :slight_smile:

especially as you’ve given them the answer!


I just notified them of this although it seems like they would have noticed it already.

They also don’t have the full URL in there either but maybe this is not necessary.
I’m no programmer so I might not know what I’m talking about but generally in html
you put a " and the complete URL.

It’s a great idea to have a link to each order though.


They said to clear my cache and cookies so everyone try that and let me know if that helped.


Here, Something went wrong with the coding I guess.


Did you try clearing your cache and cookies?


No I didn’t. Will see now.


It’s back to how it should be! :slight_smile:


Already fixed the issue by Fiverr team :slight_smile:


Ohh shit i had missed that :grin: