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Showing the seller wrong image on the buyer profile review section

hello everyone,
I just browsing my profile and some top-rated buyer profile as well who are working with me previously. and found that in their review section showing the wrong photo (my image, but not present my profile image). is there any problem on-site.

If it’s your image but not your current one, try refreshing the page (ctrl F5) as it may be a cache thing and see if it then shows the current one.

Thanks for your advice !!! But i have tried it. Nothing Happen. :frowning:

You could report it to CS with a support ticket if you wanted. Maybe it’s a bug. Maybe it will get updated after a certain amount of time. You could see what CS says. It’s probably something to do with caching - on their systems.

ok i will,thanks for your time and help :slight_smile:

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