Showing the wrong gig when I click my own!



I’m a newbie here, but this kinda pissed me off, when I click on my most active gig and it show some other gig from random user on fiverr. Look at the link and then see what it shows;

link to gig:

BUT! If I log out and click the same gig of mine, it show the right one. What the hell? It should show up this one:

Anyone showing same problem? Is this a way to kill someones business?

Sheriff’s Note: Issue Resolved


I guess they solved it? Thx!


Reply to @musiclover: I feel your pain… I’m sure they’ll fix it soon because it seems to be affecting many people (and CS is probably getting spammed right now because not everyone visits the forum)


Reply to @refugeek: CS needs to shut the entire site down until they resolve this. We’re losing money! I’ve been featured on the homepage for an hour and didn’t get any orders because of this lowlife! I’m pissed.


@startselect Hehe, redirecting for a few hours without anyone noticing isn’t very likely :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve just heard back from customer support: they are aware of the issue and the tech team is working on it!


Actually refugeek, if you think about it, if it is a hack the person just thought they would redirect for a few hours and maybe not get caught. But the benefit of doubt has to be given for sure.


The gig went from 2 in queue to 8. I’m having the exact same problem. This is obviously a hack and a damn good one. Whoever it is, they already got 8 orders in just minutes.


If it’s a hack it wouldn’t be very smart for them to point it at their own gig, but you never know…

I’ve got some in queue to keep me busy, but it’s really annoying for my customers!


same problem


same here! I thought it was just me…

It’s not random either it seems because the same user/gig is showing up (and that seller has a few orders in queue now lol!)


I’ve contacted support immediately, hopefully they’ll resolve it soon.