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Showing which messages weren’t responded to

Hi! I hope everyone’s having an amazing New Years!

I was looking through my Fiverr analytics and I suddenly came up with a feature that could be added to Fiverr.

So my response rate is currently 94% and I went through all of my messages to check if I accidentally missed any, but I had responded to every single message🤔

A nice feature would be if it showed you the messages that you didn’t respond to. So if you clicked on your response rate and it took you to the list of messages that you never responded to.

Do you think this is a good feature? Are there any cons that would make this a bad feature? Let me know that you think! Thanks!


It could be good but I think you already have the tools to solve this problem and don’t need a new feature…

If there is a message I haven’t replied to yet, and it is impacting my response time then I can see a small clock on the message.

Scroll through your inbox and you should be able to see the clock on any messages you haven’t responded to yet (unless it disappears automatically after a period of time).


Ohh, I didn’t know that that’s what the clock was for!

I moved some of my messages to spam within 2 hours of after they messaged me, and there’s a red clock by their name, but I’m not going to respond to them (since they’re spam), so how do I bring my response rate back up?

That is one of the reasons it’s suggested to respond to every message, even if it is spam and even if that response is a single word ‘no’, before you report it. I made this message in my quick-responses (the lightening bolt icon) so I can deal with them quickly but still be professional.

Contacting people about your gigs or services (or without invitation, if you’re from the Fiverr forums) is against the TOS and is considered spam.


Thank you so much! This was really helpful!!

Edit: I went back and responded to all of the messages with the red clocks (except the ones that say “_____ can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate”) but my response rate is still at 94%. Is there anything I can do to fix it? I’ve responded to all of my messages so I’m not sure why it says that!

Question, this Unread doesn’t work for you, I mean, it doesn’t show you the Unread?

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Though if it’s been > 24 hours since the original message it will be too late to respond to it. So having the option to see which messages weren’t responded to (and are affecting the response rate) would still be helpful and might also be helpful when showing to CS or to help them fix it eg. when it includes messages flagged as spam when it shouldn’t.

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It takes 60 days to cycle out, so it will disappear eventually. I know that’s not helpful in the short-term, but that’s what I can share.

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Great idea. What a time saver and it gets the message across so cleanly.