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Showing You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers in buyer request

Hi I have been back on fiverr for almost 1 week . I received my 1st order and completed it. But the buyer gave me a 3.3 rating . So now I cannot see the buyer request section and it is showing “You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers” this message to me. How can I fix this and How can I get more orders? and after receiving such a review would i even get orders ?

After reading the written review, it seems legitimate to me. You’ll just have to market yourself off of Fiverr.

So I cannot continue like this ?

Push out more completed orders to earn access again.
Get out there and promote your gigs in places that allow it. :pineapple:

:bulb: Goal ~ ALWAYS deliver quality work. :ok_hand:t4:

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Thank you. I will try my best :relaxed:

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I didn’t say that. If I may ask, why did it take so many revisions?

well he gave me some examples. I made the presentation following those . but he didn’t like them. so he asked me to change. And thus I followed his instruction and revised again and again . But he kept asking me for revisions . I revised every time and created new one . what else could I do :confused:

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Without knowing the details, I can’t give much advice.
I suppose foremost is make sure you understand the order. That so many revisions were needed, implies that you didn’t quite understand what the client wanted. Secondly, don’t offer unlimited revisions. How many revisions did this client take? Was it more than 9? Last: Define revision. In this case, it sounds like the error was yours, but you need to be clear that you will not accept change orders free of charge. Your time is valuable: own your mistakes and make them right, but if the mistake is the client’s, don’t give your time away for free.