Shrinking "Request Gigs" Box


Shrinking “Request Gigs” Box. Yes, yet another bug I have encountered. I am in middle of choosing a category and instead of zooming out my browser, I decide to “scroll” which in turn makes the box very very tiny to become impossible to read. I will try to provide a picture if I get a chance later as I don’t feel like taking a screen-shot and resizing it.


See if Ctrl+Mouse wheel or Ctrl++ and Ctrl± or pressing down on the mouse wheel works for you.


@ricksper Nah, I have tried that already. It could just be a weird issue and maybe one of my plugins or something is interfering with it. It’s not that big of a deal as long as I don’t scroll while the window is open(I rarely use it as it is.). Just something I felt like mentioning. I think a little later i’ll take a picture for reference to those to see what I am talking about.