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Shutted down but Restarted again :)

I’ve restart my works in fiverr again. worked on fiverr from 2014 to 2015 but due to my studies I missed up my works on fiverr. Now fiverr is more competitive with comparing 2014. that’s good for buyers. But as sellers its too hard to success here. But i hope any one can success on fiverr because everyone has own talent that can convert to money. these days i’m trying to get my first order :smiley: how ever please welcome me to the community.

check my gig and give a comment
thank you.

Welcome aboard again!

I see you’ve got a few reviews already, so you’ll be on your way to become a level 1 in no time.

thank you very much.
this is old account and I’ve got that reviews earlier. unfortunately i could not work further. now im trying to make some orders :wink: