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Sick and tired of sellers not listening


I have posted a request for a logo design, i’ve been very clear in what i wanted, in plain and simple english (i’m from the UK)
I’ve had 35 offers in response, nearly everyone from the ********* - I couldn’t care less where they come from - The issue here is they never listen to a single word you say!

All the responses and demos i’ve received have just completely ignored what i requested, it’s like they just spam out these replies saying “Pick me pick me, i can do it sir” without actually reading what you want.

I’m getting tired of having to repeat myself telling them what it is i actually wanted.

I’ve grown tied of wasting time on here to be honest,


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oh my, I feel sad to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:
maybe you can go to another seller, there are more than a billion sellers on Fiverr. :sunglasses::+1:

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This is not the first time its happened, it seems everytime i post a request its full of people from the east who just want a quick buck.

It seems you are very upset.
Try sellers with a pro badge, maybe it can make you satisfied. :sunglasses::+1:


You might have better luck browsing the relevant category or using the search bar.

Many good sellers who often get enough jobs without Buyer Requests from buyers finding them by browsing, search and recommendations, don’t even look at BRs, or at least not often, for several reasons I don’t want to go into, suffice to say you’d understand if you ever got to look at BRs “from the other side”.

I’m mainly a seller but bought a dozen gigs or so myself and never through BR but by picking my sellers myself.

Of course, you can get lucky with BRs but as it seems to not have worked well for you, maybe try the other way.
Unlike with other platforms, BR isn’t the heart of Fiverr.
There are lots of filters to help you find the sellers you need and want, once you click to the right category, maybe try those.


Thats a good point Miiia, Posting a request is just a joke on here. Problem is, what is the point of posting a request if all you get back is rubbish/spammy sellers who don’t listen to you.

fiverr has million seller so people came here and get quality work ,i feel sorry for you but for one all fiverr seller is not bad such search a pro logo designer . before you place order them you look at their review and if he or she is new then check out their portfolio .that helps u i think .


I second what @miiila said; BR is mostly frequented by desperate sellers eager to make a quick buck. Mind you, though, you might get the occasional decent seller.

As a seller, I do check the BR section every once in a while, but mostly out of boredom really - there is hardly ever any request worth my while.

I wouldn’t go for “pro” sellers; for what I’ve seen in their reviews, they are anything but for the most part. Except for the price tag.

It works both ways. Just like there are spammy sellers there are ridiculous requests from buyers. However, this doesn’t mean that those spammers won’t get work.

There are plenty of buyers asking for a $5 logo and those spammers are the only ones who will do it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’d say most successful sellers don’t even bother checking it. So if you want someone who does a decent job then look for sellers with a proven track record and recent or active orders.


I have made $53 from buyers request n the last 4 days. Please not all sellers are the same, my greatest skill is my ability to follow instructions and deliver quality as instructed. I have got repeat buyers from br.


exception proves the rule

Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time trying to find a good seller through BR but please, don’t generalize. It’s not good in any aspect of life.

I myself use BR to send offers and I’m no rubbish nor a spammy seller and as @uxreview said, I always see buyers posting ridiculous requests willing the unreal for just $5 or trying to scam sellers & Fiverr but that doesn’t give me the right to say that all buyers are scammers or exploiters.

Do as @miiila suggested you. It will take you a little more time and effort but surely you’ll find someone that will meet your expectations.

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I certainly won’t be using ‘Post Request’ anymore. Pretty much EVERYTIME i have used it there has been problems.

The problem is almost all “Fiverr freelancing forums”, including this one, have some individuals that advises again again and again to “spam buyer request section” and “you can do whatever, just say yes always”. I have read those “tips” one million times here.

Result of those “tips”: your frustration. Hordes of sellers trying to make their first sale even when some can’t write a word in English or don’t know how to do your task.

Just browse and handpick your seller. Check reviews, gig description, send them messages… take your time if you want a good service, the same you do with real stores. If I want a good car repair shop, I ask my friends, check Google reviews, visit their facilities… I put some time on it. When you go to a supermarket, you take your cart, and roam around selecting your desired products. The old grocery where a friendly granny asks you what you want is gone.

You can choose from Pro, TOP or Second level sellers. They are good in their skills and understands well.