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Sick and Tired things marked delivered by seller when they are note!

So when are you going to crack down on sellers whom fail to deliver anything on time but mark the projects as delivered when they are NOT…
Fiverr needs to fix this issue … and when they cancel you can not leave feedback appropriate for the service received !

It’s against terns of service to deliver empty orders. Report sellers who do this. Fiverr reprimands these violators.


I appreciate your reply… just my experience is they don’t do much if anything and when they cancel you can warn others via feedback… and I spend thousands on gigs over the past few years.

I’m really sorry to hear this happened to you and all of us are glad that you support Fiverr sellers. There are some bad apples in the seller pool and we would love to weed them out ourselves, as it gives the rest of us a bad look. However, you can trust that Fiverr has many systems in place that brings the hammer down hard on sellers when they under perform.

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