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"Sick Leave" feature

“Sick Leave” feature. Essentially like Vacation mode, but for when you’re sick and for very limited time-frames. I am feeling under the weather and have a few orders I wanted to deal with in the next few days for some buyers. Unfortunately being sick means I probably won’t be on my “A-game” so to speak for the orders. In essence, a feature to allow me to request temporary leave or at least a “postponing” of an order. Essentially like a “mutual pause” feature. In essence, even if it’s just for a day or two that would be fine. I know I am being hopeful, especially with vacation mode being all buggy but it’s something that would be nice to have. Right now I have long “lead time” for cases such as this but that doesn’t always make my buyers happy and in fact I am sure at times it’s actually turned away potential buyers. Thoughts?

I agree completely. I’ve had about 4 open orders when I came down with pneumonia. Luckily for me, all the Buyers were extremely understanding of the situation.

@silentchapel Yeah most of the time I am usually sick 3 to 4 days and how I had my gigs before was a really short delivery time. So when I get sick on an order that is marked as 5 days it doesn’t exactly give me much time to work on it. I mean the lead time for now works but I know that it is restricting my buyer flow. I actually had a lot of people come to me wanting immediate work and in some cases I can deliver it and other times not simply because I am under the weather. I can see people taking advantage of the feature, but the simple solution to that would just to have a limited “mutual pause” and you can only do it once per active order.