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Sick of bait and switch gigs


How do I perform a search that gets me the parameters I want? I have been using Fiverr for years but I am really sick of looking through endless gigs where they will do less than the minimum amount of reasonable work for $5 and then ask for $50 or much more for what people used to offer for $5-10. I’m ready to stop using Fiverr altogether.


If you send all your requirements upfront and the sellers makes an offer then once you accept it they shouldn’t change it. If they do then you’re dealing with a newbie or a scammer.

However, if you accept an offer and later ask something that is out of scope then the seller has every right to change the price.

It doesn’t matter what the service used to be worth.
You’re hiring a person today so you can either accept the prices you see today or move to a different platform.


I was posting this since there is no good way to contact Fiverr but if I were a seller like you I’d be concerned there is no way for long time buyers like me to find people offering gigs in my price range. I contacted one guy the other day about his $15 gig and he quoted me $250 or to buy his $150 “course” so I could learn how to do it myself. I just paid someone $20 to do it on ****** [Fiverr competitor]. I doubt I will be using Fiverr much any more because it takes too much time to find people.

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Perhaps you need to stop looking at the $5-$10 sellers, and start looking at the serious sellers who value their work accordingly? Many $5 sellers don’t provide a serious service, and seem to view Fiverr as “easy money”. You might be wise to hire a seller who thinks like a businessman, and adds value to his work, reflective of the price he sets.

If you keep looking for cheap work that only costs $5, you’ll probably get just that… cheap work that you only had to pay $5 for.


The market speaks be it on Fiverr or outside of Fiverr. If you bought a product at XXXX 3years ago but the demand for that product increased, good chance the price has increased as well. If there was no demand, good chance the price declined.

The demand on Fiverr is pretty high for quality gigs these days so I doubt you will find many $5 or $10 gigs when there are plenty of buyers willing to pay $50 or more.

So when prices go up, it is the buyer, not the seller, who determines the market price. If no buyers were willing to pay $50 or more for a gig, then prices would drop – but like I said, there are plenty of buyers willing to pay $50 or more for a quality gig so the market reflects those prices.

If there is a break in prices, I’d say it may be from a newbie. Good chance they may not have any gigs in their portfolio and are willing to do a gig for a lot less than the market price just to get some gigs in their portfolio.

Good Luck


I prefer to first buy a cheaper gig to get a sense for the quality of work and their level of professionalism. There is a lot of crap on here but I am willing to invest money to find decent talent. Then I try to do custom orders that work for both parties. Keep in mind the marketplace is called Fiverr. You seem to do logos for $25-100 and they look nice. The last logo I did elsewhere and paid $500. A better marketplace for that type of work and I got exactly what I wanted. The last writer I used on here I tried for $5 and ended up paying him over $4k for articles. I’m sure he made a good hourly wage for those because he knew what I wanted and rarely asked for revisions. Fiverr had its niche and is blowing it. But you know not every graphics gig needs an American with a degree and that was what I was using Fiverr for.


And all I’d like to see Fiverr do is add a better search so I can find people in my budget to try. I am all for people making as much as the market allows.


I agree but there are a lot of writers on here that can’t properly edit their own gig description too. I am willing to pay to try out new writers and if their skills advance and their time becomes more valuable I am likely willing to pay more in time as well. Some of the gigs I have done on here take 20-30 minutes and that is decent pay for some skill levels in some parts of the world.


I agree… I have had 2 buyers in the past who placed an order of my most basic gig first and once they were satisfied with my professionalism and quality of work (I proofread/edit), they went ahead and placed orders worth several hundred dollars with me.

One buyer even sent me a “tester” word document (when they placed an order of my basic gig) that was riddled with hundreds of grammatical/contextual/syntactical errors… just to see whether I am capable of doing what I promise in my gig description :laughing:


I strongly disagree. A business like Fiverr can only survive so long on tiny $5 gigs. Eventually, there comes a point when, in order to stay viable – and profitable, they have to grow up, shed the “ooh, that’s cool” start-up vibe, and start playing with the big boys. Fiverr hit that point a while ago. Now, they’re preparing for an IPO. They’re growing up. $5 gigs just don’t cut it anymore.

Change is inevitable. Fiverr was never going tor remain the $5 mini-gigs start-up forever. Nor does it make sense for sellers to expect (or demand as some sellers are doing) them to remain so, either. Fiverr is a global freelance services market now, and they’re clearly making steps to attract big players to the site. As a brand developer, I applaud Fiverr’s efforts to redefine their brand. As a freelance seller, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to sell my professional services at a price closer to their value, instead of just $4.

I make a living here, and I am pleased with the thriving partnership that I have with Fiverr. I am glad to see them growing up, and I am thrilled to see them becoming something better than they once were (even despite the glitches and growing pains along the way).

Perhaps not, but that is why MY clients hire me, so don’t knock it. And please don’t insult my hard-earned professionalism. I earned my stripes. And now my stripes are available to benefit others as they work to earn theirs as well.


Think about it from the business standpoint. It only makes sense for Fiverr to transition away from the cheap services and start focusing on the highest quality services that big businesses would order.

This is good for everyone. Sellers will have to provide the highest value, and buyers will feel good about knowing they are dealing with professionals.

You get what you pay for :sunglasses:

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If you need high quality outstanding things dont think you can find for cheper rate. Because every qulity work have valuable rate. :slight_smile: