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Sick of jerk....want refund


Bought access to a program, days later seller lost her lic to it…
refused refund…ugh…real jerk

claims she will buy me a gig/s to replace…I do not see much I want…lot worthless…dumb logos…stupid junk…these fake likes from bots on facebook are useless.

anyhow I want refund…or credit…I also want to rewrite review for the jerk seller


Contact Customer Support with the screenshots of your conversations attached and thorough explanation (it’s a Ranting Pot after all, so being emotional here is absolutely fine, but the CS won’t appreciate it). Just dry facts with proofs.

You will get a refund in a form of Fiverr credit, which can be used to purchase other gigs. Good luck.


Thanks Liz…I do not trust her to place the order. She also wants me to use her other offerings which I do not need or want. Thanks


She can’t really buy a gig for you since it’s not how the system works. Don’t worry about it, don’t waste your time talking to the seller if you don’t feel like you’re getting closer to some kind of a solution, and start working with Customer Support to get a refund ASAP. They will do the magic.


If she couldn’t deliver the gig she advertised what possible reason would she have to refuse to refund you? What program was it?


I think this is a case of Darwin Award winner meets Darwin Award winner personally.


You tried to get a valuable service for $5. It is never going to work out. No doubt you were trying to avoid license fees, the provider spotted you and the seller sharing the account and blocked it.
Hope I am not being too full of myself for you this time…