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Sick of scammers

I have had several experiences of scammers over the past few months, and it’s getting extremely frustrating now. It always follows the same pattern. Buyer places the order, is very friendly, I complete the work and then they freak out, are very rude and say the work is awful and demand a refund. However, they absolutely refuse to engage in the review process, despite me offering to change whatever they want.

It has become clear that, once they receive the order from me, and have what they need, they aggressively pursue a cancellation. Now, I know you’ll say ‘Don’t cancel’ - and to an extent you’re correct. However, I have excellent reviews, and feel that getting hit with a few 1-star reviews over these type of scams could really hurt in the long run. Fiverr CS haven’t been at all helpful. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Or have any advice? Thanks in advance.


It’s probably because you’re extremely under charging.

The cheapest clients are always the most demanding and this is true in any freelancing. Cheap attracts sketchy people.


You think so? I am very busy, but am afraid of raising my prices further in case I don’t get work

I was thinking the same thing, @humanissocial

Totally agree with this

Mike one suggestion to you. When next time such buyers visit your gig. In case you get doubt that he or she is scammer just checkout their previous buying. They usually will have seller reviews also you can go to seller place and check how customer reviewed. I can’t say always your customer will have review but sometime this might work. Even i experienced many scammers they clarify everything then leave but i think it’s better than what your facing. Be careful next time mile see you


If you raise your prices the clients will be different. Probably you will not get as many orders as you have now but also the price will be higher so you don’t have to deliver as much orders as you do now to make the money you’re making right now.
Also, you are losing money and time with this scammers.

Maybe you should try to raise the price in one or two gigs and see what happens.

I never had experiences with scammers and maybe that’s because my prices are not cheap compared to many of my “competitors” in here.

Anyways, wish you good luck :four_leaf_clover: and hope this scammers go away. they are really bad for Fiverr!

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I really do appreciate the advice from you all. Thank you for taking the time to help!


That’s your issue.

Don’t aim for a high volume of clients for low pay. Aim for a smaller amount with high pay. You’re only making good money because you’re doing a lot of orders. That doesn’t justify undercharging or restore your credibility and it doesn’t mean you’re paying yourself well. You aren’t/

Remember: you’re not just paying yourself for the time it takes you to write the words down. You’re paying yourself for the value and outcome you foster. True professionals understand this and find credibility in freelancers who look at their work at their way. Sketchy people don’t understand this.