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Sick of sellers request in buyers section?

Hi again, Its been a awesome experience being a part of fiverr seller… the best think of fiverr is it’s very transparent both for sellers and buyers but there are some reasons that make me blow. i don’t understand why seller sends requests in buyer section when it is EXCLUSIVELY for buyers… Believe me it’s no use sending your request there…
Iam tired of sellers request in buyer section so i have made this thread for all the sellers who are sick of these request…
What you need to do is if you find some request click on send request take a screen shot like i have did in my attachment and upload it with #spam
I hope fiverr will get to them for going again the TOS.
Best Regards


You know Shaggy? The Jamaican singer? #it wasn’t me!#

Ignore it, it’ll be gone soon enough.

well you know How you feel when you have 10 spamed request out of 15

Btw you write very good man! I have seen your other posts on forum now iam thinking to buy your gig :stuck_out_tongue:

please delete the thread admin thanks