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Side Discussion about Fiverr Category


I wish people would stop making these incorrect assumptions about my category.

People come here just for our category and have no use for the rest. It’s unique on the entire internet. Many of the other categories can thank the fun category for bringing customers to the site for the first time. We probably have more repeat customers than other categories.

Our category has other sites that are exclusively chatting about our category.

Do you realize that most internet users come to the internet seeking fun and entertainment, not business services?

Our category holds buyers on the site even when they don’t need any business services.

Gig suddenly denied after a year and more
Gig suddenly denied after a year and more

It’s not an incorrect assumption, it’s a basic estimation based on how many categories there are in total and how many of them are of fun categories. There are 8 major categories, and only 1 of them is for fun, and some in the fun categories are put there only as a disclaimer. They don’t want buyers to believe that advises for health and fitness, relationship or life can be taken for granted, even if they are clearly not something fun, but rather useful.

It’s also something that comes in real life as well. How many people do we know that are performing in art, music etc, compared with basic professions like plumbers and clerks? That does not mean that the fun categories are not meaningful, I am just saying that being successful at one implies talent, passion + a lot of work, while regular service providing jobs can be done only with work, even if it’s recommended to have the first two as well.

Let’s take a TV show for example. How many actors play in it compared with the people behind it that work at writing, production, advertisement and more? One movie can provide even thousands of jobs for regular service providing people. Let’s take one famous singer. They are one, but they have a team of hundreds of people that support them and make their success possible. The examples can go on and on, and I can even prove my point by the percentage of sellers that are active into this forum and work in a fun category vs the rest of us.

I am sorry if you took this as an offense when it clearly isn’t. If anything, this is a compliment, because being a freelancer painter, singer, cartoonist or whatever, is something rare and beautiful.

And tbh, I don’t see how can “spellcasting” be considered a fun category, except for the fantasy part in it. :slight_smile:


the fun categories open to a lot of risks, as they can be exploited by people to troll and show a bad image of Fiverr.

What an incredible statement. It’s not the entire category, just the sign holding gigs.

As you can see I take offense when I read negative false statements about my category.

It’s fun and lifestyle:

Fun & Lifestyle

Find fun and positive lifestyle tips to help you live your best

Fun & Lifestyle

I have several thousand very happy satisfied clients who seem to be having fun and better lives thanks to my gigs. At least that’s what a proportion of them report to me.


Being a minority isn’t negative, unless you want to be part of the majority, in which case I wouldn’t understand considering being special is much more awesome.

Being considered a fun category by Fiverr doesn’t make them fun category. Most of them are useful things, like the online lessons or relationship advices. Like I said, Fiverr place them on that category so people can’t complain about the lack of results from those advices.

In my opinion you provide a service, considering the description you have given as well, not something entertaining. That’s why I don’t consider it a fun category. But hey, everyone is free to think what they want. :slight_smile:

Not really. Pranks, stunts, your message on and many other things can be used in a malicious way. Things that are actually a fun category.

Let me rephrase what I said. Things that are actually fun categories (not necessarily placed on fun categories) are a minority here, from my pov, compared with other things.


Why continue to keep being negative about one particular category? Also all this is off topic. You’ve made several negative statements about my category so please stop. I don’t see how you not considering some things fun makes much of a difference. As I said, the category is “fun and lifestyle”. If you have some kind of personal issue with my category please keep it to yourself as it’s not appropriate.


Calling a category a minority is not something negative, it’s just a statement related to the number of gigs in that category. They can be awesome, it has nothing to do with majority/minority. I have no problem with anything. You replied to what I said, I replied back with my opinion. If you don’t like my replies, I guess don’t engage them. :slight_smile:


It’s a minority only in your mind. Whether you consider gigs fun or not has no bearing on anything. What’s fun to some isn’t fun to you I guess. Clients of mine in general get a lot of enjoyment from my gigs.

FUN definition:
amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

If they didn’t enjoy them they wouldn’t come back over and over. I feel that our category has a very large percentage of repeat business, clients who move from seller to seller and buy the same gigs repeatedly from the same sellers.

However you define fun, our clients are dedicated to our services and get a lot out of them. A lot of us have the same clients returning to us for years.

It seems like it’s easy to spread misinformation about things you don’t have experience with apparently.


Categories and product differentiation: We organize
all the categories in Fiverr into 5 broad groups – Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation;
Video & Animation, Music & Audio; Programming &
Tech; Advertising , Business; Lifestyle, Gifts, Fun &
Bizarre – and analyze them separately to find which
among them are more popular in terms of the number of
gigs, high supply and demand. We also calculate average gig price in each category, average sales of the gigs
and revenue generated by the gigs (see Table 1). We find
that the average price is maximum for the creative categories i.e., group 1 ($31.02) whereas the average price in
the lifestyle related category (group 5) is just $5. The average sales per gig varies from 471.45 (Audio and Video
category) to 24.41 (group 5). We also observe that many
categories have significant sales in terms of total sales
but show mediocrity in terms of average sales per gig.
Therefore, the product differentiation is quite apparent
in this marketplace.

This is from A Large-scale Analysis of the Marketplace Characteristics in Fiverr made in 2016, and it results that are only 15% sellers in the fun category. But sure,


It seems that I was very accurate related to the number of gigs and sellers in the fun category.

Number of buyers in the fun category: 8.77 %
Number of gigs in the fun category: 12.46%
Number of sellers in the fun category: 15.33%




    1. the smaller number or part, especially a number or part representing less than half of the whole.

“only a minority of properties are rented”

So, the fun category was, according to that analysis from 2016, a minority.

Now, what was the purpose of your ranting other than trying to tell me how awesome your service is (something I didn’t even brought to discussion)? :slightly_smiling_face:


The purpose is your negative comments about my category which is very offensive.


Did you not read the definition of minority? It’s related to the number of something related to the total. It’s not negative, nor offensive. :slight_smile:

If you don’t understand this, I am wasting my time here.


Where did you get that chart?

I have a right to defend our category against your prejudiced comments about it. You seem to be hateful towards it.


You can do your own research. :slight_smile: Next time you are saying someone has no knowledge about something, be sure you have more.

The name of the analysis is mentioned inside that post. It can be Googled.

I will end my replies to you here. Have a good night (day).


I assume you got that from that person a while back who posted some questionable “statistics” he seemed to have pulled out of thin air.

When people asked where he got the statistics he refused to answer. Like you are doing now.

Why so hateful?


And even so it will still not have any negative connotition Minority is just a term to indicate a group or quantity represented or not as a percentage of a whole :wink:


Thank you!

I am a minority in many things, and proud of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


You didn’t say only that it was a minority. You disparaged the entire category based on ONE unfortunate incident and used it as an excuse to bash the entire category repeatedly.

Then posted some made up chart without any type of indication that it was actually correct or based on anything other than someone who apparently made the entire thing up.


You’re welcome and you’re not alone :laughing:


Please stop with the false accusations! I never said anything else but the fact that I considered that category a minority and that it exposes to a lot of risks, which happened a lot of times with a lot of cases, which is not an indication of lack of quality, it was just a point.


The category Fun and Lifestyle does not expose it to a lot of risks.

An internet troll took advantage of some innocent sellers for publicity.


Oh my God. Look, I am getting pretty tired of this discussion and it’s like I talk with a wall that is written with false accusations.

Do some marketing research and you will find out that most services that we have in the fun category can’t be advertised on Google Ads (with their own websites). Why? Because those categories have a lot of risk of getting backlash, wrong-doings and lawsuits. That’s how it is. I don’t say that is how they should be, I was just stating some facts.

You cannot make a difference between stating some facts and attacking something, and that is sad. :slight_smile: