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Sign a non-disclosure agreement

Hello everyone…
For 5$ small photoshop job buyer wants me to sign a non-disclosure agreement(NDA)

What should I do?
Please help. Is it risky?


I usually decline such offers


I ALWAYS decline such offers because it is against Fiverr’s ToS to do so. It is not against ToS to sign an NDA per se. However, for an NDA to be legally binding, you often have to provide personal information such as your real name, your actual address, your real signature (digital or otherwise), etc, which is against the ToS (you can’t share personal information with other Fiverr users).

Besides, Fiverr’s Terms of Service already has a non-disclosure clause written into it (which all sellers on Fiverr have to abide by), which says:

“Sellers further confirm that whatever information they receive from the Buyer, which is not public domain, shall be kept confidential and shall not be shared or used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the ordered work to the Buyer.”

You can quote this part of the ToS to your buyer and let them know that it is, unfortunately, against ToS to share personal info. (required for signing the buyer’s NDA). You can also assure them that since you have to abide by Fiverr’s NDA clause, their documents are in safe hands.


Don’t bother. Tell them sure, providing they pay $75 extra so your lawyer can give it a once over, and that should scare them off.

It is simply not worth your time and honest/reasonable buyers do not make requests like this.

Don’t be afraid to turn work down. It keeps you sane in the long term.


The last NDA I was asked to sign had a lengthy clause detailing how I could be sued for identifying myself as the creator of content, even if the buyer decided not to pay me, later reversed payment, or decided they wanted a refund if their content didn’t convert after a set amount of time.

NDAs to me now equal: "Sign this so our company is protected if we decide to exploit you and rip you off any which way we like."


This is in most agreements prepared by attorneys. They assume most people won’t read them before signing them, or if they do they won’t understand them.

I’ve seen that most such agreements specify that you will pay them any amount they decide that you owe them, without limit, no matter what happens.

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I always sign them with my Fiverr Alias name, and use my attorneys office as an address. Am I making a mistake?

As long as your buyers are fine with you using an alias, I don’t think there should be any issues. :thinking:

But I don’t see the point of such an NDA as it is not legally binding. This is why some buyers might not agree to sellers’ use of aliases.

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Thank you… :slight_smile: )

Thank you for your guidance… I declined her order :slight_smile:

That’s sneaky. I always read in great detail everything I sign just because of this reason. I agree only if I can include a clause in which it states that if something happens with the payment in the future the ownership returns to me. :slight_smile:

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Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

This is very helpful, What else a buyer would insist to sign an NDA where as all the required things are covered perfectly by fiverr.

I have and will continue to.

While I know I would never disclose anything one client has had me do to another here on Fiverr, the Buyer doesn’t know how honest I am.

I also think that signing NDAs make us accountable as freelancers.

In my non-Fiverr freelance contracts I have had to sign NDAs.

Why would this be different?

At the time of joining Fiverr, we (sellers & buyers) agree to its TOS. And we are bound to it right. So if Fiverr has already covered the NDA clause written into it. Why should the seller sign another one which can be against Fiverr TOS and can create troubles for you.

Well that’s totally fine.


Still, I would never hesitate if a Buyer wanted another NDA as added insurance.

You see, I view NDAs as a document that protects both Buyers and Sellers.

Even if Fiverr has one built into the ToS.

Would you not want additional protection?

It doesn’t impact your work.

If anything, it puts to rest questions that may arise.

I just feel more comfortable with NDAs.

Nope if in NDA the buyer is asking for my personal information like My email and my phone number as that’s against fiverr TOS.

NDA is fine until and unless buyer is not asking for personal information.

Fair enough.

I’m just giving you my opinion based on 16 years of experience in the publishing field and a total of 40+ years in Media.

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Nice meeting you sir, And i totally respect your opinion. But i am very careful about fiverr TOS and i don’t want to violate in any case…

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