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Sign having up issues

…In the process of setting up my account however it is not providing with a link to download my paypal account or to associate my account with facebook or google.
I am a beginner…not with VO’s but with this account business set up.

Help a guy out please

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You should ask customer support about this. I do see you managed to associate it with google.


it associated with Google on its own…reckon as a default of some sort because i didn’t. How were you able to see that my account was associated with Google??

I did ask customer support…maybe i should re-word the issue.

The “linked accounts” section under your profile shows which sites your profile is associated with.

Does your “Settings” section not have an option to link your Paypal?

None of us in the forum are employees, so we can only help you so far :no_mouth:

I appreciate the response very much…thank you!!

No, it doesn’t provide an option to link my paypal. And I thought I would just toss this out there.

There is not a “live” person to speak with and so much gets lost in translation when the only viable means of communication is text. With that said, I have tried to send customer support and the recommended “accepting cookies” and I did that to no avail…so i’m stuck.

But thanks again for your response.

Have a great day!!

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