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Sign in problem with chrome

I can’t sign in even by my correct password with google chrome on mac

when I have to sign in with the latest password I set
the system say : wrong password
Everyday and every time I’ve sign in

surely I’ve cleared cache & cookie
but the issue wasn’t gone.

what should I do?

thank you.

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Have you log in with other devices like handphone, tablet? Try log out from there and login again. Or try other internet browsers.

I log in on my computer only one device.

Now i have tried by safari and it’s success.
And still can’t log in by chrome.

Thank you very much.

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try to download CCleaner … you will be very happy :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

This is not a tough game. As I have understood, You want to run your Fiverr Only on Chrome. So, I have 100% tested solution for you. Install Google Chrome Canary Version, I ensure, Your problem will be solved.

Download Link:
Google Chrome Canary

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