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Sign in with Apple - Fiverr's Method

Fiverr is gradually rolling Sign in with Apple for it’s Apple device users. This feature is way better than passwords. And I am super excited about it.

Apps are converting existing accounts to Sign In With Apple if your Apple ID email and app account email are the same. You do lose out on the hidden email feature though.

It’s been a big week for Sign In With Apple. Apps like Medium, IFTTT, NYTimes, Strava, Ritual, Freshii, Fiverr and dozens more now offering the privacy of Apple’s anonymous sign in method. I was able to drop Facebook logins entirely. No more tracking me Zuckerberg! :wink:

Sign in with Apple integrates with iCloud Keychain so if you already have an account with the app, the app will alert you to this and ask if you want to log in with your existing email instead. The app will check for this by domain (e.g. Fiverr), not by trying to match the email address associated with your Apple ID — which could be different from the email used to sign up for the account. (Source)

I will be definitely going to use this feature soon.

What’s the advantage if you already have an account set-up? I’m logged in on my computer and phone. I never need to log-in with email and password, it’s always on.

  1. No one can hack your account even he knows your original email address.
  2. You never need to remember your password.
  3. Fiverr whenever creates events or promotions, they share the email address and your name with the 3rd parties when you join the event or promotion, but when you are using the a random email address that is created by apple, then that email will not be shared by the 3rd parties.
  4. It’s a boost in Privacy. Apple limits the amount of information that users are required to share, and to provide them with the peace of mind that Apple and 3rd parties will not track them as they interact with their apps.
  5. Another very cool thing about Sign in with Apple is, you don’t have to enter your email address if you don’t want to. If you choose the Hide My Email option, Apple will create a random email for you and will still forward all messages relating to the app to your personal email.

These are just some of the features.

Again, I never need to remember my password or input my e-mail. I’m always logged in. If for some reason I’m logged out, iCloud keychain fills in the mail and password automatically. I don’t enter events or promotions. I guess that’s useful if you’re loggin in for the first time, otherwise not so much.

Hi there, I wonder what are the estimated developer hours in total (front end and backend) for implementing this apple login button for an app. Before getting quotes, I like to be informed by an independent party. Thanks Tjalling